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LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o. | Industrial luminaires

LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.

Gorzowska 11 65-127 Zielona Góra

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LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o. | Industrial luminaires

Working in production requires conditions that ensure safety and support productivity. Moreover, from the employer's point of view, energy efficiency is an important element. LUG Light Factory knows perfectly well what modern workplaces need. As a manufacturer of industrial luminaires, the company offers solutions with low energy consumption and high-quality workmanship.

The products available in our offer undergo a number of tests that confirm their resistance to various temperatures, chemicals and dust. The advanced technology used in industrial models even allows you to control the intensity and color of the lighting. Individual products can be used, among others: for gas stations, laboratories, sports facilities or in the wood industry. Customers can choose various installation solutions depending on their needs and the specificity of the facilities.

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